Comment Policy

BEST JAVS Community Disqus Rules

The rules will be enforced and breaking them may result in a ban of your Disqus account.

– Warnings are not given to offenders by request of the site owners. If you break the rules, then you get banned. There are no second chances.

– There is zero tolerance for spoilers of any kind. “Spoiler”, “spoiler alert”, or use of tags will NOT protect you from being banned. Any future content (or content from another title or medium) posted on the title page or a previous episode page is considered a spoiler. Predictions that are not worded like a prediction may be considered a spoiler as well. Confirming or denying a prediction is also a spoiler. Asking for spoilers and hinting at spoilers is also prohibited.

– Again, zero tolerance. Do not link or direct others to streaming/JAV sites of any kind. Any link to a full AV will also not be tolerated. Links to sites like JAV.GURU & are not allowed because of their streaming service. The current exceptions are R18’s news & Video section and JavLibrary’s news/library links. Any direct links to the streaming service of the above-stated sites or any other JAV Streaming sites will not be tolerated.

– Flaming of any kind will be deleted by the moderators and repeat offenders will be punished. Punishment will depend on the severity of the offence and the situation. You can have a civil debate and even insult the JAV Quality if you want, but don’t insult other users. Cyber Bullying or Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

– Spam will be deleted by the moderators and depending on the severity, may result in banning your Disqus account. Extensive off-topic and role play discussions in comment sections will be considered spam. Comments should be related to the video/JAV the comment section is on. Excessive off-topic conversations will not be tolerated. Encouraging spam is also not tolerated and excessive spam in a thread may lead to said thread being locked. In such a case, those encouraging others to spam with them as well as those taking part in the spam will be banned. Example. “Let’s reach xx comments!”

Low Effort Comments
– This means “one-word comments” and comments made for the sake of increasing one’s comment count. They don’t add anything constructive at all to the discussion and will thus be deleted. Exception to this rule is one-worded replies. Linking images is fine as well but please keep it relevant and not R or X rated.

Multiple Accounts
– Having multiple active accounts is not permitted. Using additional accounts to spoil, advertise, flame, spam, or abuse the upvote/downvote system will result in all your accounts being banned. Do not think that you can create a separate account to break the rules without putting your main account at risk.

Upvote/downvote abuse
– Use the voting system as it was intended. Do not downvote everyone else’s comments just to get yours up to the top. This is not a popularity contest. Do not ask for votes or ask others to downvote. Those suspected of voting system abuse will have their comments deleted and if it continues, their account will be banned. If you genuinely like or dislike a comment feel free to vote as appropriate